Monday, October 27, 2008

Final Four Days - Yes We Can!!

After months of work, we are finally coming to the home stretch! This is where we put all the great groundwork we have built into action!

We'll be canvassing Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Election Day and need everyone to join in for this final push. Our meeting place is the campaign office at Grand & Wyoming (the old TFA space).

3 Shifts:
9 AM to 1 PM
1 to 5 PM
5 to 9 PM
Our goal is to make sure everyone knows to vote on Tuesday, where their polling place is, and what ID they need to bring to the polls. We'll be distributing the 15th Ward Democrats sample ballots and a piece from the Campaign for Change that gives voter information and promotes Obama and the statewide candidates. We'll be knocking on the doors of strong supporters, likely supporters, and undecideds, so there may be a little persuasion to do as well.

3 Shifts:
9 AM to Noon
Noon to 3 PM
3 to 7 PM
One goal - make sure our supporters have voted. We'll be knocking only on supporters' doors with the sole purpose to flush every last one out to the polls.

Please join us for as many shifts as you are able to. If you can let me know in advance, that is helpful, but if you just want to show up as you can, that works too. Either way, please come out to help.

This is the change we have been waiting for. Let's make it happen!!

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