Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Most Important Week - EVER!


Wednesday, October 8th is the deadline for voter registration in Missouri. In order to win our battleground state, we must make sure that EVERY POSSIBLE VOTER in St. Louis City is registered and ready to go.

This is our LAST CHANCE to contact hundreds of unregistered voters in our ward and we need your help to reach them all! Bring along your friends, neighbors, and co-workers. Heck, even bring your enemies - it is THAT important!

As a token of our appreciation for everyone's extra effort this week, we will be raffling off a SHEPARD FAIREY OBAMA HOPE POSTER. For every shift you work this week, you will get an entry in the raffle. We'll draw the winner on Wednesday, 10/8.

Volunteer shifts available:
Wednesday (Oct 1): 5:30- dark
Thursday (Oct 2): 5:30-dark
Friday (Oct 3): 5:30-dark
Saturday (Oct 4): 10am- 1pm
Saturday (Oct 4): 1pm- 4pm
Saturday (Oct 4): 4pm- 7pm
Sunday (Oct 5): 1pm- 4pm
Sunday (Oct 5): 4pm- 7pm
Monday (Oct 6): 5:30- dark
Tuesday (Oct 7): 5:30- dark

Each shift meets at Hartford Coffee at the corner of Hartford and Roger. You'll get trained on-site (if you can, show up a few minutes early). It's a fun and easy way to get to know your neighbors and help get Obama elected.

To sign up, call Jen Greenfield at (314) 359-9779 or drop her an e-mail at or register online at

If you can't make any of the scheduled shifts, or if you would like to help but in a different way, contact Jen and she will make sure your time and energy are put to good use. Thank you for all that you are doing. Our country will get the change we deserve on November 4th because of you.

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