Sunday, April 25, 2010

Response from James H. Long, Candidate for State Senate - District 4

1. What do you view as the key role, and/or attributes needed, for this position?

Ability to listen to the concerns of the citizen and act upon them.

2. What experience / attributes do you have that qualify you for this position?

Thirty-five years of listening to people’s problems and concerns and being a problem solver.

3. Why do you think you are the best person for this position? What differentiates you from your opponent(s) (if applicable)?

No response given.

4. What do you feel are the most pressing issues currently facing this office?

Lack of cooperation between State, County, and City government.

5. What plans do you have for addressing these issues? (please be specific)

Negotiate a working relation between the different government entities to benefit all citizens in this area.

6. How would you effectively represent Democratic interests in Jefferson City as a member of the minority party?

Find a common ground with the opposing party and come to a satisfactory solution.

7. What is your position on local control of the police department?

I’m against City control in its present form. No one has come up with a better plan that is presently in place.

8. How would you propose to solve the budget problem of increasing pension costs for City of St. Louis employees?

Maybe an increase in the Earnings tax to 1.5% up from 1% with a sunset rule. After 2 years reverse back to 1%. The extra revenue would allow the City to become fiscally responsible.

9. How would you work to foster economic development in the City of St. Louis? Please include your views about historic tax credits.

Encourage companies to locate; taking advantage of St. Louis’ central location to the entire country; sell the point of under-used airports, highways, river ways.

10. In the role of State Senator, what could you do to improve the educational system in the City of St. Louis? Please include your views on school choice and funding.

Return school administration back to the local Board; return children back to neighborhood schools; more support for public school teachers; get parents involved in a positive way.

11. Missouri lags behind many states in terms of alternative energy, energy efficiency, etc. What are your views on these and other environmental issues?

A look at nuclear power, solar power; public education on conserving the use of alternative energy.

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