Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Response from Bill (William) Haas, Candidate for Lieutenant Governor

1.    What do you view as the key role, and/or attributes needed for this position?  What experience/attributes do you have that qualify you for this position?  

1)    Win the General Election; 2) Creativity, intelligence, persistence; 3) Good issues; 4) Three terms St. Louis City elected School Board; 5) Democratic nominee 2008 2nd Congressional District.

2.    Why do you think you are the best person for this position?  What differentiates you from your opponent(s)?

1)    I haven’t lost a state-wide race to an unknown 2 years ago; 2) Ability to work bipartisanly and build consensus; 3) My issues and approach to position (see #3 below).

3.    What do you feel are the most pressing issues currently facing this office and what plans do you have to address these issues? (please be specific)

In addition to statutory responsibilities including the welfare of seniors (only one in primary who is one I believe) and veterans benefits, I will develop citizen initiative petitions to: 1) ban corporate contributions at federal level by state constitutional convention; 2) banning public monies to move a business from one jurisdiction to another; 3) parents off work without pay to visit kids’ schools; and 4) lower, more progressive taxes, ending animal cruelty on factory farms.

4.    Why is the selection of Lieutenant Governor important?

For seniors, veterans, other statutory responsibilities to whoever else you can make of it (see above).

5.    What will you do to advance the profile of your office?

My above issues-- touring state on their behalf.

6.    How will you handle the schism between Republicans and Democrats in Jefferson City in order to get things done?

1)    Same way porcupines make love—very carefully. 2) Finding common ground.

7.    Describe how you work with, or will work with, others to address your priorities.

Build consensus and find common ground; be open minded and advocate for my positions.

8.    What particular strengths would help you defeat the Republican opponent in the November general election?

1)    Run a positive not negative campaign; my issues (that should cut across party lines and ideology); 2) Being a senior.

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