Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Resignation Letter from Committeeman Gregg Christian

August 25, 2012

Thank you to everyone in the 15th Ward Democrats for your continued support over the past few years. I am proud of our ward organization and I have been proud to represent you since 2008.

Next week I will be resigning as 15th Ward Democratic Committeeman. This has been a very difficult decision to make but I am moving outside of the ward and therefore cannot continue to represent you. 

In 2008, Jan Clinite and I ran together to bring an open ward organization to the 15th Ward.  We won overwhelmingly because we worked hard and made a commitment to you that we would operate an open organization. Unlike many wards in St. Louis, we wanted an organization where you and your neighbors could participate in the political process and make your voice heard.  We won and we now have a robust open organization.

This commitment to openness and participation has grown our organization to become an important standard-bearer in St. Louis politics.  Our candidate forums and solid bylaws allow our members to participate and play a part in the decisions made in the Democratic Party.  In a way, the 15th Ward has become the Iowa Caucuses of the Democratic Primary in St. Louis.  We have the first candidate forum and the first vote of an open ward organization in the City.  It is my hope that this tradition will continue. 

In the coming weeks, under the Democratic City Central Committee bylaws, Committeewoman Jan Clinite will appoint my successor.  If you are interested please contact her to let her know.  Also, please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about the position and duties of Democratic Committeeman.  

It was a pleasure to serve you and work to improve not only the Democratic Party, but our City, our State and our Country.  Thank you for the opportunity to represent you.
Gregg Christian
15th Ward Democratic Committeeman

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Jan said...

I want to thank Gregg for his hard work and dedication to our ward.

According to the Democratic City Central Committee By-Laws, in case of a vacancy due to resignation, the surviving member has 90 days after the resignation to nominate a successor that the Central Committee then ratifies.

With a big election coming up very soon, I hope to fill this position quickly so the new Committeeman can fully participate in all of our efforts. Gregg is also committed to helping out any way he can, so this should be a smooth transition.

I have spoken with several men in the ward who are interested in the position, and the members of the 15th Ward Democrats are currently giving me their input.

I hope to nominate our new Committeeman at the Central Committee meeting on Saturday, September 15.