Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Response from Darlene Green, St. Louis Comptroller Candidate

1.    What accomplishments are you most proud of from your tenure in this position so far?

Through sound fiscal management we achieved an A+ credit rating in May 2008, during the fiscal crisis. The City had not had an A+ credit rating in over 35 years.   We have fortunately maintained the A+ credit rating through 2013 and hopefully beyond.

We helped balance the budget with timely debt refinancing that over time has saved taxpayers approximately $100 million.

We have used our strong financial position to leverage billions of dollars in development downtown and throughout the City.

2.    What do you feel are the most pressing issues currently facing this office and what plans do you have to address these issues? (please be specific)

Public safety is a pressing issue. I support the funding for police efforts such as 'hot spot policing'.

Unemployment is a pressing issue. I developed an entrepreneurial program called ' INC Yourself ' to help people start their own businesses. I developed and support internship programs.  I support efforts to to bring jobs to St Louis to make St. Louis a better place to live, Work, and play.

Rising pension costs is a pressing issue. It remains a fiscal challenge as we balance the budget each year. We have worked and will work with City leaders to hold the line on new benefits as well as curb costs where we can.

Replacing the outdated accounting and payroll system is finally being done. We are at the beginning stages of implementing the new systems.

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