Monday, August 19, 2013

Senator Claire McCaskill's Office visits the 15th Ward

Posted on behalf of Richard Buthod, President, 15th Ward Democrats:

Mattie Moore, Deputy Director for the St Louis Regional Office of Senator Claire McCaskill, hosted a Kitchen Table Talk at the Carpenter Branch Library this month. She spoke of the ways Senator McCaskill and her offices in St Louis and in Washington can serve her constituents with a range of support. The Washington office has policy experts who can provide details on issues important to both us and Senator McCaskill; the St Louis office has a staff prepared to help in the day-in, day-out interactions with the federal government. Ms. Moore encouraged her audience to call on Senator McCaskill for help in veterans' issues, passport issues, immigration issues, Washington, D.C. visits, or even scheduling an event with the senator or her staff.

While Ms. Moore shared much information her major goal was to listen and report back to Senator McCaskill what was on the minds of 15th Ward residents. By far the major topic was confusion in the implementation of Obamacare. The attendees expressed frustration that a program beginning in October lacks clear instructions in August.

Other topics include the Flanagan pipeline, comprehensive immigration reform, and support for credit unions.

Ms. Moore also provided a detailed sheet of contact information for office contact, committee assignments, and helpful websites. General contact for the local office is (314) 367-1364 and Of course Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube were also part of the contact information.

This listening session was a day for concerns and questions.

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