Friday, February 28, 2014

Town Hall Meeting with Chief Dotson

How will the new police districts impact our community?
Sam Dotson
Chief of Police
St. Louis Police Department

                                   Date:        March 08, 2014

                                   Time #1:  10am-12noon
                                   Location:  The Local 36 Union Hall
                                                    2319 Chouteau Avenue, Suite 100
                                                    St. Louis, MO 63103 

                                   Time #2:   2pm-4pm
                                   Location:  O’Fallon Park Rec Complex
                                                    4343 West Florissant
                                                    St. Louis, MO 63115

Sponsored by:
Senator Jamilah Nasheed
Alderman Jennifer Florida
Alderman Christine Ingrassia
Alderman Shane Cohn
Alderman Craig Schmid

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