Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Candidate Questionnaires and Responses

The 15th Ward Democrats sent a questionnaire to each Democrat running in the March 3rd Primary for President of the Board of Aldermen or 15th Ward Alderman.  All four candidates responded, and their responses are posted below.

We hope that this information, as well as our January 22nd Candidates Forum, will assist you as you make your decision in the March 3rd Primary.


Anonymous said...

It's stated that all four candidates responded to the questionnaire, but I'm not seeing one posted from Beth Braznell. Is that available? Thanks!

. said...

The questionnaire answers are available for all 4 candidates. The answers for Beth Braznell rolled to the second page when a new post was made last night (due to a setting for the maximum number of items allowed on the first page). We have changed that setting so you will see answers for all 4 candidates on the first page. Although the posts will roll off the first page, at some point, they will always be available on our website.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention.