Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Response from Jimmie Matthews, President of the Board of Aldermen Candidate

1. What do you view as the key role(s) of this position?  What do you view as the important attributes needed for this position?

To lead and serve the people of the City of St. Louis and not special interests.  Integrity, character, and conduct and Christian values are important attributes such as a community leader, Pastor for more than 30 yrs., school teacher, real estate broker, and elected as an Alderman and Committeeman.

2. Why do you think you are the best person for President of the Board of Aldermen?  What differentiates you from your opponent(s)?

I bring a vision for the City of St. Louis to be a undivided city where everybody is somebody.  I want to be President of the Board of Aldermen to do some good works.   What differentiates me from my opponent(s) is I am not looking for a job.  As President, my mission is to make St. Louis a great place to live and proper that others will envy and want to live in St. Louis and start businesses.

3. What education (schools attended, degrees attained), experience, and attributes do you have that qualify you for the position?

My Education are Dozier Elementary, O’Fallon Technical High School (Automechanic), Ranken Technical College (Automotive), Forrest Park Community College (Business Adm.), Harris Stowe State College (Teacher Ed.), and UMSL (M.Ed.).  I served as Alderman and Committeeman, own my real estate and development business, Pastor of Riverview Blvd. Baptist Church, and President of People Involved for a Better Community.

4. The police-involved shootings of Mike Brown, Kajieme Powell, VonDerrit Myers, and Antonio Martin have focused attention on racial inequality, economic disparity, and policing practices in the St. Louis region as well as the country as a whole.  What can you do as President of the Board of Aldermen to address those issues?  What lessons have we learned, or should we learn, from these events and the subsequent unrest in our community?

I have been active in the protesting injustices.  As President, I will be active in the community fighting racial problems that have been going on unabated.  I will develop plans to build affordable housing by the people living in the neighborhoods.  Policing should begin with hiring and pair black and white teams.  FBI check of all officers, yearly Training and Education Development and all managing officer have a college education.  Be proactive, foresee the needs.

5. Besides #4, what do you feel are the most pressing issues currently facing this office and what plans do you have to address these issues? (please be specific)

The pressing issues is leadership and empowering the Board where the Board is not controlled by the Mayor.  Unite among the Board member to develop the whole city and not some part only.  The present leadership have lead us to where we are.  They have been sleep at the wheel and sunk the ship.

6. Describe how you work with, or will work with, others to address your priorities.

I will work with the Alderperson of each ward and the people of each ward.  I will meet the people for their needs and desires with the Alderperson and others.

7. St. Louis City voters approved reducing the number of Aldermen; how do you feel about this change?  Are there other city government changes you would like to see?

We have a representive form of government, if we have fewer representatives we will have less participation – few of voters and choices.  I am not convinced why reduce the Board of Alderman member.  It will cost more money and less Alderperson contact with people.  I want to see term limit and a Citizen Review Board with power.

8. How would you work to foster economic development in the City of St. Louis?

I will promote community, human, and economic development by grassroots involvement.

9. What is your opinion of Paul McKee’s Northside Regeneration Project?  Do you believe this large scale project will be more effective than smaller, grassroots development of the area; why or why not?

Paul McKee’s Northside Regeneration Project is a project that is to make the Rich rich and will remove the resident of the area.  The McKee project is design to fail the people and enrich the developer.  The area development should be grassroots because it will create economic development that will create new businesses and growth and reduce crime creating ownership and invested interest.

10. Neighborhood safety is always an important topic in the ward.  What have / will you do to address safety in city neighborhoods?

Neighborhood safety is involving everybody.  The young man on the corner and those who do and those who do not look like you or act like you.  We need to create education, training and jobs, and business opportunities.

11. What impact can the President of the Board of Aldermen have on the education situation in St. Louis City and what have / would your initiatives in this area include?

The failure is a management failure from the State, City and Board of Education.  The management of Public Education should be bottom-up the parent should be in the hiring and firing of Administration and staff.  Parent-Involvement and Community is a joke.

12.  How would you propose to solve the budget problem of increasing pension costs for City of St. Louis employees?

The pension problem is over paying the people at the top who hire family and relative who have not expertise.  Allow tax abatement funds to developers and others bear the cost.

13.  What have / would you do to raise the prominence of St. Louis nationally?

I will reduce crime and increase opportunities.

14. If you could ask your opponent(s) one question, what would it be?

What are you running for reelection that you did not do / or did in the 8 years you been in office?  What do you expect to accomplish if that you could not do in 8 years?

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