Sunday, September 20, 2015

15th Ward Dems @ South Grand Fall Fest - a success!

The St Louis 15th Ward Democrats were once again in the middle of a Grand day at yesterday's South Grand Fall Fest. We sponsored a table this year to promote our 15th Ward Democrats group, and it was a huge success!  We registered 39 voters, encouraged neighbors to join, engaged in spirited discussions on presidential campaign issues with people from all over the St Louis area, and had over 350 people vote in our write-in Presidential Straw Poll.  Here are the results:

       Bernie Sanders 207  (58.6%)
       Hillary Clinton 112  (31.7%)
       Joe Biden 11  (3.1%)
       Martin O'Malley 9  (2.5%)
       Lawrence Lessig 3
       Jim Webb 1

       Ben Carson 4
       Jeb Bush 1
       Donale Trump 1
       Kanye West 1
       Barack Obama 2
       Mom 1

2016 will be a whirlwind as we elect a new Democrat senator, Democrat governor, and bring Missouri back into the great big Democratic tent for a Democrat President.

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