Thursday, March 03, 2016

15th Ward Democrats Missouri Primary Debate & Party - recap

Thank you to everyone who turned out to our 15th Ward Dems Missouri Primary Debate and Party on Thursday at the City Diner on South Grand!  We had a full house of engaged, smart, passionate Democrats who heard Antonio French and Adam Kustra answer questions on behalf of the Clinton and Sanders campaigns, respectively.

Topics ranged far and wide, including:  mass incarceration, ability of the candidates to energize the base and attract independent voters, private for-profit prisons, field organizing and energy "on the ground," standardized testing, public education, leveraging US foreign aid to affect Israel's treatment of Palestinians, protecting women's rights, the Second Amendment, and the 2009 Honduran coup.

Here are some photos of the evening (courtesy of 15th Ward Dems Vice-President Tim Krupinski and 15th Ward Democratic Committeeman Tod Martin).

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