Thursday, May 12, 2016

Cori Bush, U.S. Senate Candidate

1. What do you view as the key role, and/or attributes needed for this position? What experience/attributes do you have that qualify you for this position? 

I believe, that at this time, in the history of our state and country, whoever seeks to serve in this position must be committed to serving for the sake of others, and not for personal gain and political self-advancement. The United States Senator from Missouri can not continue to serve, in lip service only, but with integrity and truth. This office requires that Party politics take a back seat, to what is right and best for the state and country. Our next U.S. Senator must be someone who is willing to challenge her colleagues to govern from their highest values and morals, but also look for common ground. The next U.S. Senator must be willing to listen to the voices of justice, fairness, and equality, and to speak truth to power. I have not served in elected office, but I have been a public servant for most of my adult life, as a registered nurse and community activist. I believe that I am qualified for this position because I am the people, that I seek to serve. I am ready and wiling to earn this office, to work for every vote, and no one should feel that they are entitled to it.

2. Why do you think you are the best person for this position? What differentiates you from your opponent(s)?

I respect and appreciate the service of my opponent, but I do not believe that he is the right person for these times. Our state and our country are in dire straits. In Missouri and America we have right wing extremists that seeks to take our state and country back to the days before the civil rights struggle. Our voting rights, civil rights, women’s rights, and human rights are being challenged daily. My opponent has been in Jefferson City for years, and has not affected any serous change there. He has been part of the status quo, part of the problem, not the solution. Missouri has a D rating in Education, but the cost of a college education increases. Student debt is crippling The school to prison pipeline is destroying families. We top the nation in African American school suspensions. Poverty is running rampant in minority communities. Our Urban cities are in the top ten in violent crime, and murder seems to be the norm. There is unrest among the masses. We have a failed educational system; failed voting system (look what happened here in St. Louis during the municipal elections); a failed criminal justice system, corporations are leaving our states and small business are closing there doors. The LGBT community is being threatened, and told that you can’t even use the bathrooms in Missouri (this the the south of the 40-50s all over again). Corporate greed is destroying the Earth, while my opponent takes corporate donations.

My opponent has been a part of the political establishment for years, but our State is still faiing. My opponent is a good person, but he is not the person for this position, not in these time! I will be a champion to address these issue, my opponent has not. I am the people, that I serve.

3. What do you feel are the most pressing issues currently facing this office and what plans do you have to address these issues? (please be specific)

The most pressing issues facing the office of the United States Senate is that too often elected officials become comfortable and complacent. They arrive in Washington with a sense of purpose and end up bowing and catering to the Party establishment, special interest donors, and self interest. Too often elected official forget about the passion and zeal that was required on the campaign trail, the promises and hope that was inspired. We seem to forget about those that we serve, we stop listening to the people to send us to Washington in the first place.

Notwithstanding the personal struggle to remain true to your commitment to serve, there are other issues.

The next United States Senator from Missouri must ensure that the Economic needs of Missouri are addressed and meant. Corporations are leaving this state. Small businesses are closing there doors. We must work to create jobs by providing incentives for companies to stay and by providing small business with resources to create jobs in local communities as well. We must work with the Small business administration to increase support for women and minority owned business, and offer adequate Management training program; re-create Enterprise Zones in economically distressed communities. We must work to encourage financial institutions to reinvest in our communities, by encouraging public-private partnerships.

We must insure that Education doesn’t cost, but that it pays. Too many students in high school and college don’t see the economic light, at the end of the education tunnel. The cost of Education should not profited education. people should not be penalized for wanting the better life, that a good education brings. An more educated Missouri is a healthier Missouri. I would work to ensure that Missouri schools, has the resources (funding, as well as support staffing) necessary to provide a quality education.

Equal Rights, Raising the minimum wage to $15 per hour, Criminal Justice Reform, Corporate Tax Reform, National Security, Immigration are also issues that are important priorities for Missourians, and important to me.

Coming from a person who was born and raised in the city, I believe strongly that we must do more to provide for and protect family farms. We must make sure that farmers and ranchers, both have a place at the table when decisions about the Missourian leading industry and tax base is discussed. I will work with farm bureaus to ensure that the foods and products that we purchase for our families are top quality; and that farmers and ranchers are getting too prices for their contribution to a healthy state and country.

4. Describe how you work with, or will work with, others to address your priorities.

I have always worked through the establishment of consensus and by building coalition. I believe in the necessity of consensus building and creating opportunities for discussion, debate and dialogue. I will continue to work in this manner as United States Senator. As I mention in a previous question, it is important to have stakeholders involved in the foundation of setting community, state, federal issues. I would establish a process for regular community input, make sure that a quarterly newsletter is distributed to residents; hold bi-annual town hall meetings, and ensure that their is a constituency office in strategic parts of the state. I would also be open to reciting and responding to the vies of citizens, and I will make sure that I travel to each part of the state to hear the voices of the people that I serve. Our priorities must be raised by those who are affected. my job is to hear their voices and address their needs.

5. Who are your 3 largest campaign contributors? Are there donors from whom you will not accept campaign contributions?

99 per cent of my donors have been people who have given less than $25. We have had a few people who have given between $25-$200; and a few who have given between $200 - $500.

I will not take contributions from lobbyist and special corporate interest PACs.

6. Since the shooting death of Michael Brown and the national rise of the Black Lives Matter Movement, criminal justice reform has become a national topic of conversation, yet few changes have been made on a national level. If elected, will you make criminal justice reform, and racial equity, a priority in Washington? If so, how?

I would absolutely support making criminal justice reform, racial, gender, and human equality a priority in Washington, and Missouri!

I would support the recommendations on Criminal Justice Reform recommended by President Obama.

I would support the recommendations on gun control recommended by President Obama.

I would support a amendment to seek a permanent Voting Rights Act

I would work with advocacy groups (human rights, civil rights, law enforcement, etc.) as well as like minded federal, state and local elected officials to create a discussion, followed by creating legislation. I will also work to create laws and legislation that comes from the voices, hopes, and inspirations of he people affected by them. I would seek bi-artisan support of all legislation. I would seek common ground. I would take the same passion, courage and commitment that I gave on the streets of Ferguson, during the Uprising, that created movements like Black Lives Matter, to Washington D.C. I will not be afraid to put in the time to affect the type of changes, that many feel impossible and a waste of time and energy. I believe that when given the opportunity, that most people will yield to the good within them. I hope to be the kind of United States Senator that people will not move away from, but move to.

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