Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Candidate Questionnaire Responses - August 2nd Primary Election

The 15th Ward Democrats sent a questionnaire to each Democrat running in the August 2nd Primary. We present here the responses received from the candidates.  We hope that this information will assist you as you make your decision in the August 2nd Primary.

The 15th Ward Dems will vote on endorsements in each of these races in June at an endorsement meeting of all eligible voting members.

Where a candidate did not submit a response or submitted an incomplete response, it is noted.  If additional responses are received, this list will be updated.

For U.S. Senate:
   Chief Wana Dubie - Response
   Cori Bush - Response
   Jason Kander - Response
   Robert Mack - Response

For U.S. House (Dist. 1):

   Bill Haas - Response
   Lacy Clay - Response
   Maria Chappelle-Nadal - Response

For Governor:
   Leonard J. Steinman II - Response
   Chris Koster - no response 
   Eric Morrison - incomplete response 
   Charles B. Wheeler- no response 

For Lieutenant Governor:

   Winston Apple - Response
   Russ Carnahan - Response
   Tommie Pierson, Sr., - Response

For Secretary of State:
   Bill Clinton Young- no response 
   Robin Smith- Response
   MD Rabbi Alam- no response 

For State Treasurer:
   Pat Contreras - Response
   Judy Baker - Response

For Attorney General:

   Jake Zimmerman - Response
   Teresa Hensley - Response

For State Senate (Dist. 5):
    Jamilah Nasheed - Response
    Dylan Hassinger - Response

For State Representative (Dist. 80):
    Ben Murray - Response
    Peter Merideth - Response

For St. Louis Circuit Attorney:
    Kimberly Gardner - Response
    Patrick Hamacher - Response
    Steve Harmon - Response
    Mary Pat Carl - Response

For St. Louis Sheriff:
    Joseph Vaccaro - Response
    Vernon Betts - Response
    Johnnie Chester, Sr.- no response  
    Charley Williams - Response
    Jimmie Matthews- no response 

For St. Louis Treasurer:
    Tishaura O. Jones - Response

For 15th Ward Democratic Committeeman:
    Tod A. Martin - Response

For 15th Ward Democratic Committeewoman:
    Torrey Park - Response

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