Thursday, July 28, 2016

Endorsements for the August 2nd Ballot

The 15th Ward Democrats endorsements are based on the vote of our eligible members. We are pleased to announce our endorsements for the August 2nd primary.  Links to the candidates' responses to the 15th Ward Dems questionnaires and to the candidates' websites are included, so you can learn more about the endorsed candidates.

     US Senate  Jason Kander   responsewebsite

     US House (CD 1)  Lacy Clay   responsewebsite

     Governor  Chris Koster   no response ● website

     Lt. Governor  Russ Carnahan   responsewebsite

     Secretary of State  Robin Smith   responsewebsite

     State Treasurer  Pat Contreras   responsewebsite

     Attorney General  Jake Zimmerman   responsewebsite

     State Senator (Dist. 5)  Jamilah Nasheed   responsewebsite

     State Representative (Dist. 80)  Peter Merideth   responsewebsite

     Circuit Attorney  Patrick Hamacher   responsewebsite

     Sheriff  Vernon Betts   responsewebsite

     City Treasurer  Tishaura Jones   responsewebsite

     15th Ward Committeeman  Tod A. Martin   responsewebsite

     15th Ward Committeewoman  Torrey Park   responsewebsite

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