Thursday, January 26, 2017

Candidate Questionnaire Responses - March 7th Primary

The 15th Ward Democrats sent a questionnaire to each Democrat running in the March 7th primary election for St. Louis Mayor, St. Louis Comptroller and 15th Ward Alderman.  We present here the responses received from the candidates.  We hope that this information will assist you as you make your decision in the March 7th Primary.

The 15th Ward Dems will vote on endorsements in each of these races at an endorsement meeting of all eligible voting members.

For Mayor, City of St. Louis:
   Antonio French - Response
   Lewis Reed - Response
   Jeffrey Boyd - Response
   Tishaura O. Jones - Response
   Lyda Krewson - Response
   William [Bill] Haas - Response
   Jimmie Matthews -

For Comptroller, City of St. Louis:
   Darlene Green - Response
   Alexandra Johnson - Response

For Alderman, 15th Ward:
   Jennifer Florida - Response
   Megan Ellyia Green - Response

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