Sunday, March 11, 2018

March Meeting - 3/22 - "Bridging Blocks: Canvassing in Diverse Communities"

At our February meeting, the 15th Ward Democrats voted to pursue an exciting initiative for this pivotal election year: we're going to be doing monthly canvasses with the plan of knocking on every door in the ward by election time! Our goal is to get all eligible voters in the ward registered, and get as many folks as we can engaged in local politics and involved in our group!

The first monthly canvass is set for the afternoon of Sunday March 25, and to get everyone ready and fired up for canvassing we have a great speaker lined up for our March 22 meeting. Nicki Reinhardt-Swierk, Associate Director of the Center for Social Empowerment in Ferguson, will be speaking on "Bridging Blocks: Canvassing in Diverse Communities"! Nicki's presentation will not only cover basic canvassing practices, but will highlight communicating to diverse audiences and working to bridge racial, cultural, and other divides.

This presentation will be very informative and useful not only for our 15th Ward canvass, but for canvassing in general. So invite your friends, your neighbors, your relatives, anyone you know who is interested in getting involved in this important election year!

A few logistical notes. First, this meeting will be at a different location than the last two. We are currently planning on having this meeting at Oak Hill Presbyterian Church at 4111 Connecticut.

Second, the time. "Bridging Blocks" is scheduled to take between 60-75 minutes. As a result, our meeting will be starting at 6:30. We will do the regular meeting (Treasurer's Report, volunteer opportunities, etc) from 6:30 to 7 and "Bridging Blocks" will begin after that. Of course, we hope you can make it to the whole meeting, but if you can't make it until 7, it will still be worth it.

Hope to see you there, with your friends, family, neighbors, associates, well-wishers, etc! (What we're saying is this should be a great, important meeting, so we want a big turnout!)

    Date:  Thursday, March 22
    Time:  6:30pm
    Location:  Oak Hill Presbyterian Church, 4111 Connecticut

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