Friday, October 12, 2018

Issue Endorsements for the November 6th Ballot

The 15th Ward Democrats endorsements are based on the vote of our eligible members. We are pleased to announce our endorsements for the propositions on the November 6 general election ballot. 

   Amendment 1 SUPPORT (vote "YES")
               (Clean Missouri; Ethics; Redistricting)

   Amendment 2 SUPPORT (vote "YES")
               (Medical Marijuana - New Approach Missouri)

   Amendment 3OPPOSE (vote "NO")
               (Medical Marijuana - Find the Cures; 15% tax )

   Proposition BSUPPORT (vote "YES")
               (Minimum Wage Increase)

   Proposition COPPOSE (vote "NO")
               (Medical Marijuana - MO for Patient Care; statutory only; Sinquefeld)

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Unknown said...

Any thoughts on Amendment 4 or Prop D?